Writing Tools

Sales rank

Amazon now gives writers BookScan data through their Author Central program but I find some of the old tools more immediately helpful. And fun! For an overview of each these, see my blog post on it here.


Metric Junkie


Handy links and tools

For both of these dictionary sites, if you find ads intolerable, for $20 a year you can have them ad-free.



Two very useful tools:

Word Frequency Counter

Phrase Frequency Counter

This is amazing — thanks to Amanda Kyle Williams for the link — great for when you need a little inspiration:

Sounds Effects of Switches and Latches

Just stumbled across this: more sound effects of all kinds such as action, airport, animals, nature and many more:

AudioSparx Sound Effects

Bookmarking tools

There are a bunch of these out there. I use two —

Delicious — most handy because of the tagging

Instapaper — I like Instapaper most because you can have a button on your browser toolbar and anytime you see an article or a page you want to read later or just remember, you just have to click the button and it saves it to Instapaper. Very handy.

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