Virtual aquariums and prehensile tails! A cartoon review of Miles to Go


Nice review from the Lesfic Underbelly. White bellied spider monkey — haha. I was scared of that clown but now she’s kind of growing on me. I do miss the sexy librarian though.

But with the clown comes the intrigue so there you have it. Oh, and be sure not to miss the dance number in the end. That clown has some moves!

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  1. VioletW says:

    She is a sexy librarian. For a cartoon. And we know, some librarians are sexier than people expect. (And some just… aren’t.) I am glad someone has started talking about the most excellent end to your book. I found it cinematic & so wonderfully in character! It is hard to talk about without spoilers, but you just have to read it to understand!

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