Umm… Can we say vainglorious?

I recently discovered Shelfari through Spinsters Ink writer C.M. Harris (her book is coming out in December — it’s an early twentieth-century historical novel set in the Midwest — check out an excerpt here).  I’ve been on Goodreads for a while now and also recently set myself up on Library Thing.  I’m still figuring out how LibraryThing works.  Now Shelfari is a nice looking website, so, I set up an account and since I didn’t have time to really get into it and start adding a bunch of books I just added my own since there is something deeply satisfying about doing that.  Unfortunately, this is how I now appear on Shelfari —

(And, yes, the four stars came from me — so I can’t be that vainglorious, right? Five was an option…)

So, if any of you out there are on Shelfari (or Goodreads or LibraryThing) add me as a friend.  I’ll be interested to see what you have on your shelf!

7 thoughts on “Umm… Can we say vainglorious?”

  1. Hey Alexandra! I will try to remember that. And Thanks! for adding me on Goodreads. It’s nice seeing your grown up self, by the way.

  2. Amy,

    Nuthin wrong with spreadin it about. At least in this case. ;-D I look forward to reading Miles To Go!

    (And thanks for the shout out BTW)


  3. Hahahahaha! As everyone else says here, nothing wrong in self promotion! Keep it going, girl! I’m sure you’re selling yourself short and it’s a FIVE star, not FOUR star read. 🙂

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