To iPad or not to iPad

So I’ve been thinking about the iPad lately. A lot. Mostly in an Isn’t it pretty kind of way.

But I’ve also been thinking Should I or shouldn’t I? I obviously don’t need it. Or do I? I tend to approach my technology very practically. How will this improve my life? It was a big decision for me to get a smartphone, a life change really. And for the first couple of weeks I thought I had made a big mistake. But now that I’ve discovered most of its ins and outs, I find that it has made a positive impact.

For one, I am on my computer much less. Need to check a movie time? Fandango App. Need directions? Google Maps app. Plus I am more organized. I have an app called ColorNote where I have little widgets on my home screen for all of my to do lists. One for each grocery story, one for the pharmacy, one for “Today”, etc. I also have my current manuscript with me at all times in a Google Doc, reached from a link on my home screen, which is hugely helpful. So what could an iPad do for me other than make the regions of my brain that respond to things that are aesthetically pleasing light up? Well, for one, lots of cool apps. Here is link to a few apps for writers.

Corkulous is very appealing to me for developing plot ideas and such. Especially since you can drag the notes, rearranging them whenever you have the whim.

I’m going to continue to think about it — it is one more electronic device to maintain, keep charged, etc. But it sure is pretty.

What else is going on? I crossed the 45k mark in word count for my next book!

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4 thoughts on “To iPad or not to iPad”

  1. Amy- all the stuff you do on your smartphone (just about) you will be able to do on the ipad and won’t be killing your vision staring at that little bloody screen. BUT! Wait until the next version… maybe even two versions… They need to get the data plans ironed out and as w/ any initial release by Apple, the next version will have bells and whistles for which you’ll kick yourself for not waiting.

  2. Hi Anneroo — that’s a really good point. Droid-y goodness magnified! And, yes, probably makes sense to wait — hopefully the price will be better too.

  3. Hey Amy,
    I’m not much help, I’m afraid. I love new tech gadgetry, but I’m obscenely frugal.I still have a flip phone. I lusted after the Kindle from the moment it was born but waited almost 2yrs then got one for my birthday. The ipad is intriguing, but I need to upgrade my PC first. If you managed the smart phone you might be ready, but as Anneroo commented, it might be wise to wait til they iron out all the bugs and the price comes down. IMHO, jeanne

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