Provincetown: Writers and readers and rain

We hadn’t planned on arriving to P’town until this afternoon but then after studying the endless list of events I realized there was a panel of writers from Bold Strokes Books reading and discussing romantic intrigue.  I had accepted that I would miss it since there are only so many ways to cut corners on a 550 mile drive.  But then, on impulse, we decided to cut the big corner of foregoing sleep and driving on through the night.  It seemed like a good idea until about 3am.  After that it was purely a battle of mind vs. body and for a while it wasn’t clear which would win out.  In the end, after 5 Red Bulls and hours of staring intently at the tail lights of the car in front of me, we rolled into Provincetown.

Provincetown Kim Baldwin Xenia Alexiou

That would be Kim Baldwin and Xenia Alexiou after signing my copy of Lethal AffairsMissing Lynx, the third installment in the popular Elite Operatives Series will be out February 2010 and there are plans to continue the series through book 7.  Kim and Alexia did their funny and charming reading together.  Xenia has a low alluring voice and she and Kim have a great rapport. Check out their websites — they both have loads of content.

I also met Anne Laughlin.  I wasn’t familiar with Anne but she has had many stories and a previous novel published.  I enjoyed her reading and bought her new book, Veritas — which is due out next month — at the signing at Now Voyager.  Here we are:

Provincetown Anne Laughlin Now Voyager

Here are a few pictures from the reading. Carsen Taite masterfully moderated (check out her vlogs which include interviews from P’town — seriously, she is a natural).

Provincetown Reading 2

Provincetown Reading Kim Baldwin Xenia Alexiou

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  1. What an awesome blog! Thanks for the pictures. Thank You ADR!
    You’ve been able to photograph some of my favourite authors in a few hours. Kim and Xenia… Wow!

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