Photos from July 4th Reading

Yes, I am a bad blogger. But we already knew that. I truly have been swamped — or perhaps just swampy, like George in WAWW — now that I am in thick of writing RV2: This Time It’s Personal. The writing goes well some days, less so others. But that’s the way it is.

On a more positive note, I had a terrific time at the July 4th gathering at Proud Books. Thanks to Jocques and Fay Jacobs for arranging the reading. It was a great turnout. Here are a few photos — the super grainy one is from my new cell phone — I hadn’t fiddled with the settings yet — photo credit for the rest goes to the other writers:

KI Thompson

Colette Moody

Stefani Deoul

Fay Jacobs

And here’s me and my buddy, Jackie, who was so cool to stop by:

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