Phew! The new book is officially finished!

Or mostly officially — just waiting on the final proof and Scapegoat, the Miles to Go sequel, is on track for its December 20 release. Here are some links if you’re interested in pre-ordering. 🙂

Pre-order from Bella Books

Pre-order from Amazon

And yes! The (unplanned) blogging sabbatical is over! I have to admit I was tempted to back date this blog post but I figured that was cheating. So I am owning up to not blogging for many months. I loads of catching up to do. I have pictures from the Busboys & Poets reading in May. I have GCLS pictures from June. When I have a moment, I’ll be getting these up.

Thanks to all my friends on Facebook and elsewhere who have been so patient with me this past year while I’ve been working on this book. I have to admit, it’s been stressful. I had a lot on my plate generally and to add on top of everything else a deadline for my second novel was, well, challenging. But I’ve learned a lot and have a better sense of how I will approach things next time round.

Coming (very) soon — a Scapegoat sneak peak.

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