Phew! Final draft of Miles to Go to editor and Onward to Provincetown

I finally sent what I hope is the final draft  (other than random copy edit tweaks) of Miles to Go to Katherine V. Forrest last week.  It is an absolutely incredible feeling of freedom to have it off my desk.  There comes a time with a novel when you feel so close to it, that you know it so well, that when you’re reading it the words almost stop to have meaning.  Like reciting the pledge of allegiance in school — it becomes so rote that it lives inside of you as a collection of rhythmic sounds.  So, phew, indeed.  I am very ready to get back to the sequel to Miles to Go, as yet untitled.  Action thrillers require lots of research — it is the largest drawback from this writer’s perspective — even though I enjoy the reading, there is a great weight in worrying about getting the details as right as you possibly can.  Research is also a great way to procrastinate since you can’t ever know everything and it easy just to keep going, reading another book, another article.

This evening it’s on to Provincetown for women’s week.  I’m going to attend as many readings as I can and hopefully have time to eat a lobster (gruesome, I know).  I’m sad to hear that Clem and Ursie’s has closed down.  Hope to post some photos from the trip.

Provincetown lighthouse

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