On writing the sequel to Miles to Go (Or, a thorough reading of this post may result in a prize)

I am now finally back to work on the sequel to Miles to Go which has long existed in my mind as Rennie Two, or more often, just Two.  It is a true pleasure to be able to continue with…

GCLS 2009: The Conference

I have to admit I wasn’t that excited to be going to Orlando. I WAS, however, excited to be going to my first GCLS conference.  The highlight for me was meeting Karin Kallmaker, KG MacGregor and the other Bella writers.

The conference offered a big selection of readings, panel discussions, presentations on craft and the more casual Coffee Chats where a duo or trio of writers discussed whatever they wished amongst themselves and with the audience.

JM Redmann, the writer of the Micky Knight series and the keynote speaker, gave an address that was rousing and inspiring.

JM Redmann
JM Redmann