On writing the sequel to Miles to Go (Or, a thorough reading of this post may result in a prize)


I am now finally back to work on the sequel to Miles to Go which has long existed in my mind as Rennie Two, or more often, just Two.  It is a true pleasure to be able to continue with a character beyond the final words of a novel.  That is if the character is someone whose psyche seems to need a bit more exploratory surgery — and I suspect Rennie’s always will.  Here are a few snaps of the work in progress:

Rennie Vogel Intrigue sereis Book Two Rennie Vogel Intrigue sereis Book Two

It is challenging to coax fresh greenery from fields that have lain fallow for so long and so far I am making my way slowly and with great trepidation. I admit I had forgotten how much hard work is involved in writing a novel.  And it continually surprises me how the mind can allow the active self to procrastinate from writing by doing “research” even if it really and truly is research.  And how the research can be put off by just writing willy nilly when you don’t have enough information to make your way forward successfully.  And, perhaps more importantly than any of this, I need to restake the tomato plants — but that’s another matter altogether.


Here’s the prize — anyone who can identify the book this photograph is taken from will receive a copy of Miles to Go upon publication in February.  Submit your entries through the Contact page.

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  1. VioletW says:

    Very Interesting! Is that a tomato I spy??

  2. Miss Lemon can’t think of a challenge more apropos than a literary puzzle with a piece of literature as the prize! Bravo!
    (Now excuse Miss Lemon while she begins to gather clues….)

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