New Rules

One of the great things about writing novels is that you as the writer get to decide what goes. You determine who your characters are, what they think, where they live and ultimately, yes, whether they live or pass on to the great hereafter, a torturous nether world or nothing at all.

In a similar way, I have decided that from this moment forward this blog is no longer a blog (which requires lots of regular posting) but a website. Yes, I will still post occasionally and there will still be a date glowering in the corner but since it is a website and not a blog, no one, i.e. me, has to feel guilty.

So here is what I’ve been up to since March. (March!!)

I have been to a bunch of opera in HD. That means I have been watching opera in a movie theater instead of an opera house. It doesn’t mean that I don’t become impossibly sleepy at some point during the production. But it does mean that I can smuggle in a quart of coffee and a bag of PopChips (BBQ only, please) which makes the opera much more endurable. Sleeping at the opera is a time-honored tradition so I have decided not to feel guilty about that either.

I had a trip to the Eastern Shore for my friend Amy G’s birthday. I couldn’t find my camera but other people were snapping pictures and here is one of the 2 Amys:

It was a great weekend full of celebration and fun and it was so nice to get away for a few days to beautiful Oxford, Maryland which is totally gorgeous and adorable. This is the great house we stayed in:

There’s been loads and loads of other things too — reunions and Passover and graduations and graduation parties and babies and beer-making and visits from friends and triathlon completion celebrations (not mine though!) and a great trip to New Orleans. So, sum total, it has been a very busy year. But, the novella I keep mentioning is very nearly done. And I really mean it this time!

2 thoughts on “New Rules”

  1. Amy!! I’ve been thinking about you! Glad to see all is well and you’re keeping out of mischief. Sadly, I missed this seasons MetHD performances. Take care, j

    1. I’ve been thinking about you too! There were some good ones this year and we got to see an encore this summer of Rosenkavalier with Renee — superfun!

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