My new favorite tee shirt

I don’t usually think of this a fashion blog (ha!) but I can’t resist sharing my new favorite v-neck tee shirt. I discovered them at my local Whole Foods, bought a few there and since have acquired about ten or twelve from the company’s website. They are very comfortable. They are long so they are great for tucking in when it’s cold but they also look great untucked. They seem to be holding up well — I have washed them multiple times (I don’t put them in the dryer though). The only caveat would be that on a few of them a few white threads have appeared — maybe these are threads that didn’t get dyed? I’m not sure but I’m not much bothered by them. But aside from the comfort the best thing about the tee shirts are the colors — an incredibly array of great colors. Oh, and the price — they’re 10 bucks. Click the company logo above to check them out.

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