Miles To Go Pronounced to be a “Clannish Chronicle”

This little gem came to me through my Google Alert. It is from an Angelina Jolie gossip site. I have no idea why my book is being promoted on an Angelie Jolie gossip site — maybe because and Rennie and Lara Croft are both armed?

I’m not linking to the site since it altogether seems very suspicious and I worry about malware and such.

Regardless, it appears that my jacket blurb has been put through some sort of computerized thesaurus or some such thing. The new rendering is pretty sweet. My favorite bits are highlighted below. If only I had the ability to write as beautifully as that final line, the world would by my oyster…

At least they got my ISBN right.

Rennie Vogel and Angelina Jolie -- together at last

9 thoughts on “Miles To Go Pronounced to be a “Clannish Chronicle””

  1. This is ridiculously fantastic! And Angelina Jolie content! I also like the “short contacts with added women”. We should all be so lucky. I charge you to use the word unsnarl in your next book as an homage!

    1. It’s too funny isn’t it? I think I can manage to work “unsnarl” in there somewhere. I might give “prototypical blackamoor” a shot too!

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. I’m laughing so hard, I think I may do myself an injury. What computer program/translator could they possibly have used for this?

    And what the heck is a “digit hardship”?

    We all should aspire to this level of communication.

    1. Hee hee — be careful, Ruth! Didn’t you hurt your back recently? I would love to know how they did it — I did a brief search but didn’t come up with anything.

  3. That is hilarious. There are word-swapping programs that some marketers use to take one article and make many more from it. But why anyone would use one on a book blurb is beyond me. Good for a laugh, though!

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