Miles to Go — Cover Art

Miles to Go Cover Art

This is still in draft form — I expect there to be a few more changes. The colon will go certainly.   It’s fascinating to see an artist’s representation of your work. In publishing, typically, the writer doesn’t have the last word (and sometimes not the first) regarding the cover. It’s considered to be a marketing issue. I was very trepidatious as I waited to see what concept the graphic designer had. I am not a particularly visual thinker (that doesn’t mean though that I don’t think kinetically — my action sequences are informed by a kind of moving picture imagination). I didn’t have much of a notion as to how the cover should look. That said, I know what I like.  And I like this. I’m especially fond of the treatment on the title font.

What do you think?

15 thoughts on “Miles to Go — Cover Art”

  1. Very exciting!! It looks great! I love how intriging she looks while there is still lots of room to decide what she looks like for yourself! I can’t wait! Congratulations!!

  2. oh…see that little top button that’s just straining to come undone? How about undoing it? LOL

    Just kidding, Amy! I really like it a lot! Congratulations! I can’t wait to have you autograph my copy when I get it! 🙂

  3. You’re not the first person to notice that top button!

    Thanks, Carleen — again, great finally meeting you in P’town. I’ll look forward to signing it for you!

  4. I like the darkness of the coloring of the photo, the person in the photo looks strong, capable, sexy, all the things that a man or woman would want in a woman! Not too sexy so it gives an impression of only the female sex, but an edge to what is in store for the reader.

  5. Very, very cool, Amy! I just saw this on your Facebook page. I asked Robbi when the release date is for hers. Do you know the date yet for February? I’m planning to buy both of yours. Take care.

  6. We’re shooting for a May release. Editing hasn’t started yet, but I anticipate that beginning soon. I’m working on the sequel to “Playing for First” right now. I’ll just keep writing until the editing starts. I’ll mark my calendar for yours. 🙂

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