GLCS Orlando 2010: Pt. 1

Well, I don’t have any pictures from day one since apparently my camera is most comfortable staying in a pocket in my bag in the hotel room. So here are a few pictures from day two when the Bella crew headed over to Disney for a bite to eat at the House of Blues.

Oh, but before that, I should say that I had a great time. I saw a lot of old friends and made a lot of new ones. I also learned a lot attending the panels and workshops. And I even danced for about three minutes — though I didn’t go so far as to set my drink down. Baby steps…

One of the best parts of this trip was meeting Carleen’s Mom, Nancy. She’s a great lady and gorgeous to boot. And now I know how Carleen turned out so well. Here are the three of us en route to the restaurant:

GCLS June 2010 Carleen Nancy and Me

And here are Vera, Mercedes and Margot:

GCLS June 2010 Vera Mercedes Me and Margot

And here are a couple of cool images we saw along the way:

And, yes, this is Planet Hollywood:

And this is a man who does not look happy to be stuck in Disney though my suspicion is that it is the man himself. Regretful? Maybe:

That’s all for now. More, hopefully, tomorrow!

7 thoughts on “GLCS Orlando 2010: Pt. 1”

  1. My mom still goes on and on about her “two favorite girls” at the con…I think you know which two she’s talking about. 😉 Mom is also saving your book to read while she’s in the hospital after her surgery. I’m positive that it will make the time pass for her in great pleasure. (And make her forget about that missing internal organ. LOL)

  2. Aw, so sweet! You’ll be letting us know when her surgery date is? I want to be sending good vibes her way. She seems very healthy otherwise so I hope it goes very very well!

  3. Monday, June 21…7:30AM, I believe. I’ll be at the hospital…hopefully they’ve expanded their wi-fi access to more parts of the hospital so I can keep people updated.

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