GCLS Orlando 2010: Pt. 3a

Better late than never, I suppose!

Saturday in Orlando was by far the busiest day for me. I had a coffee chat and reading scheduled for the afternoon. Then off to a quick dinner and rushing to get ready for the awards reception. Phew!

I was nervous about the coffee chat since I haven’t had much experience “off-the-cuff”. But knowing I would be flanked by Tracey Richardson and Andi Marquette I knew it would be okay — that they would throw me a life line if I started to go down. We had a nice group in attendance who asked thoughtful questions about our work. A few photos. This one is practically an action shot — my hand is all ablur.

Andi making an aside to Tracey. Sorry about the leg, Trace!

After, I had to run off to my reading — I only have one shot of this and I look kind of funny in it so I will post it. I look sort of like, As the Hilton tilted and began to sink into the marshy Florida ground, she gripped the podium, gritted her teeth and continued with her reading. (Thanks to Margot for this one!):

That’s all for tonight — next up will be the awards reception and even some fun dancing shots!

3 thoughts on “GCLS Orlando 2010: Pt. 3a”

  1. Thanks for posting, brings back fond memories.(was it really 2 weeks ago?) You guys had an interesting chat. Hope you’re cranking out something new for us.

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