GCLS Orlando 2010: Pt. 2

Friday took us in a caravan over to the DoubleTree Hotel for a reading — the weather (beautiful, sunny) kept a lot of people away but we had a few comers, sold and signed a few books and had some interesting conversation about the publishing industry, libraries and I got to test out Polly Robinson’s iPad — can we say lust? I also finally got my hands on a Droid which I’ll probably end up getting since I am, alas, a Verizon customer. Here are a few photos of us having a chat — somehow Kenna White had disappeared when these were taken.

I think this is a really cute picture of Karin Kallmaker and KG McGregor:

Polly Robinson and I moments before I asked her to show me her iPad. Ugh, I have such bad posture!

Dillon Watson and Tracey Richardson. Tracey is NOT asleep but was just caught blinking:

Ellen Hart and Nat Burns. It was a pleasure to meet Ellen and most especially to attend her Mystery Workshop. Ellen is a terrific writer and a true icon. And she is completely charming. I’m tempted to move to Minnesota just so I can take her writing class.

It turned out to be an enjoyable and relaxing afternoon. Then we all piled back into the cars and headed back to our hotel. Did I mention it was a gorgeous day?

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