GCLS Conference next week

The GCLS (Golden Crown Literary Society) conference starts in a few days so I’ll be heading to Orlando on Thursday.  60 or so writers and many readers will be attending the 5 day extravaganza (!) of readings, signings, lectures on craft and panel discussions on topics ranging from building an online presence to the usefullness of the book trailer.  All will culminate in the awards ceremony which has categories covering many sub-genres.  And apparently there will be dancing afterwards:Dancers in sihlouette I’ll be sure to post some choice photos when I get back.

A handful of Bella writers will be there including Karin Kallmaker, KG Macgregor, Claire Rooney, Dillon Watson — Dillon has her first book coming out in September.  Nat Burns will be there as well.  She’s another new Bella writer whose book is coming out when mine is, in February, 2010.

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