GCLS 2009: Link Round-up

Rachel Spangler has a very thorough account of the conference on her blog.

Nell Stark‘s thoughts.

Karin Kallmaker has a link to her reading of Warming Trend on her site, too.

KG MacGregor See a great photo of her accepting her award.

Brenda Adcock — had a health scare at the conference — hope she is feeling better!

Lynn Ames has a bunch of photos up on her site — love the one of her and Karin and Georgia Beers.

Cheyne Curry has a nice post on her blog — the title is “GCLS and Other Ramblings” — you’ll need to scroll down to it.

Patty Henderson shares her thoughts on the conference at her site.

Chris Paynter had a great time at the con.

Andi Marquette on the conference — love the title of her post — “GCLS 2009 report or, holy hell how much can you do in 3 days?”

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