Gah! I’m the Cyclops! What hero are you?


Polyphemos -- CyclopsHeroes Quiz

I’m in a study group that is reading some of the old classics. We get together with some good cheese and wine and try to figure out what those dead white guys were talking about. A few of us are going to check out the Walters Art Museum exhibition on heroes in Ancient Greece. In conjunction, they’ve put together a fun (and kinda silly) little quiz to determine what hero you are. Horrifically, I am Polyphemos, the hideous cyclops from The Odyssey, though I’m not sure why that beast is considered a hero. (And that’s an extremely inaccurate description of me, btw!) Check out the quiz — what hero are you?

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  1. SH says:

    Gah! Iā€™m the Cyclops too! And, it’s an extremely inaccurate description of me as well. Interesting quiz Amy. Although, I would have much rather have found out that I was like Helen, renowned for my beauty and wisdom šŸ˜‰

  2. Alexandra says:

    I think that quiz is rigged! I’m Polyphemus too! Sadly, I should admit that the description is not that off. Hmm.

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