Day One: Bella Y Tour Ft. Lauderdale

Our first event in Florida was a meet and greet and a signing at the New Moon Bar. En route, a torrential downpour made getting there a little challenging but we finally found a place to park and made our way in without getting completely soaked. And, at last, I saw my book:

New Moon First Copies of Miles to Go

I met a bunch of people who came out to see us and made my first sale. Here’s the evidence:
And then I signed:

It was surreal to see the book and I felt strangely stunned.

I met many lovely people who came out to see us, some from great distances And I made my first sale. Here’s the evidence:

First Sale at New Moon

And then I signed it:

New Moon First Signing

If you’re ever in Ft. Lauderdale, do check out the New Moon. It’s a cool bar and the staff was great to us. Here’s Madonna watching over our spread of hors d’oeurves:

Madonna and Food

And they had this cool poster in the ladies room:

New Moon Poster Ladies Room

It wasn’t as warm and sunny in Florida as we’d hoped:

ADR Beach Ft L

But considering we were able to escape the Snowpocalypse for a few days it was divine:

Walkway and Bushes Feb 2010

Snowpocalypse, Blizzaster, Snowmageddon

Limbs from my pine on my neighbors fence. Again.

Neighbor's Fence -- Grr.

But life must go on:

Makinig Tea on the Fire

5 thoughts on “Day One: Bella Y Tour Ft. Lauderdale”

  1. Thanks for the photographs, Amy. I’ve started reading your book the last night of the cruise. Had to put it down because they were kicking us off the boat. Otherwise, I would have read it straight to the end. That good. Kudos. Great job, Amy. Now I can’t wait for your next book! Get busy writing.


    1. Hi Kat — so glad you’re liking it — wish I could have joined you all on the cruise. I’m doing a blog post here for each day I was in Ft. L — I have a great pic of us on Day 3 (Sunday) that shows off the gorgeous necklace you made — soon to come!

  2. I should get off the computer and finish reading your book. But I don’t want to come to the end yet!

    Thanks for the compliment on the necklace. I didn’t toil over making it nearly as long as you toiled over writing Miles to Go. What a great debut book.


    1. Thanks, Kat! It would be nice to be able to create something to completion in a shorter amount of time — maybe I should try the haiku. 😉

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