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Yes, I was nervous, had been in a strangled anxiety grip for months. My plan was to practice, practice, practice. Every day. What I did: well, procrastinate, of course. Then as the countdown of just a few weeks came up, I accepted that it was actually going to take place and that I’d better get myself ready. So, I made everyone I know listen to me practice: my family, my wonderful neighbors across the street, my book group. I got some excellent feedback and refined the text of the reading a bit more (since I had four minutes to read I had to edit my selection so it would have a mostly complete narrative arc).

We arrived at noon to get settled in and have a tour of the archival side of the Stonewall Library and Archives — they have a great collection and it is well worth a visit. Gradually people began to arrive. Everyone was very friendly and enthusiastic. I hung out near the entrance with Dillon saying Hello as people entered.

Pretending like I'm not nervous

Pretending like I'm not nervous

Still pretending I'm not nervous

Still pretending I'm not nervous

And finally, it began. I  was blown away by Katherine Forrest’s kind remarks introducing me. She did a wonderful job moderating the whole event. I will have more video clips of her and the readings by Dillon, KG and Karin up as soon as I can.

And a still shot if you don’t want to bother with the video — taken by  Ari — thanks Ari! I had a few errors but I was mostly calm once it finally got going and I think it went well.

Reading ADR photo by Ari

Afterwards, we signed books and met and chatted with readers.

Signing after the reading at Stonewall - KG Macgregor, Katherine V. Forrest, Amy Dawson Robertson, Dillon Watson

kat and Ari from the Bella Forum drove all the way from Missouri. And they brought all of the authors an art piece that they’d made.

ADR and kat and lovely necklace

That’s kat and me with the gorgeous necklace she brought me. A closer view below along with the great mug hand turned by Ari. Thanks ladies!

Necklace from kat -- thanks kat!Mug from Ari -- thanks Ari!

This is just after the reading back at the Shuck N Dive — I was completely exhausted and ready to head back to the hotel to collapse.

After the reading

But first I needed to fortify myself with oysters (and beer).

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Day One: Bella Y Tour Ft. Lauderdale

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Our first event in Florida was a meet and greet and a signing at the New Moon Bar. En route, a torrential downpour made getting there a little challenging but we finally found a place to park and made our way in without getting completely soaked. And, at last, I saw my book:

New Moon First Copies of Miles to Go

I met a bunch of people who came out to see us and made my first sale. Here’s the evidence:
And then I signed:

It was surreal to see the book and I felt strangely stunned.

I met many lovely people who came out to see us, some from great distances And I made my first sale. Here’s the evidence:

First Sale at New Moon

And then I signed it:

New Moon First Signing

If you’re ever in Ft. Lauderdale, do check out the New Moon. It’s a cool bar and the staff was great to us. Here’s Madonna watching over our spread of hors d’oeurves:

Madonna and Food

And they had this cool poster in the ladies room:

New Moon Poster Ladies Room

It wasn’t as warm and sunny in Florida as we’d hoped:

ADR Beach Ft L

But considering we were able to escape the Snowpocalypse for a few days it was divine:

Walkway and Bushes Feb 2010

Snowpocalypse, Blizzaster, Snowmageddon

Limbs from my pine on my neighbors fence. Again.

Neighbor's Fence -- Grr.

But life must go on:

Makinig Tea on the Fire

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Off to Florida for the Y Tour

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Bella Y Tour

It seems like the past few months have just flown by. Miles To Go — the first Rennie Vogel Intrigue — will be released on February 15th. And I’ll be heading out to Ft. Lauderdale on the 12th — by my calculation that is 5 days away! — to join the Bella writers for the Y Tour. On Friday we’ll be gathering for a welcome party at the New Moon Bar. From 6-8, we’ll sign books and meet some Floridians! If you’re in the area, come say Hi!

New Moon Bar Ft. Lauderdale

On Saturday, the 13th, from 10-4, we’ll be at the Stonewall Library and Archives for a volunteer day. And then on Sunday, the 14th — yes, that would be Valentine’s Day! — we’re back at the library from 1-4 for a reading and signing and Q&A as part of Broward’s two-week festival of arts, ArtExplosion.

Stonewall logoAnd who will be there?

Katherine V. Forrest thumbnailKarin Kallmaker thumbnailKG MacGregor thumbnailDillon Watson thumbnailAmy Dawson Robertson thumbnail

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Provincetown 2009: Link Round-up

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There have been so many great photos posted from the events from Women’s Week in Ptown last week.  Here’s the first batch of links:

From Kim Baldwin who was signing her new book Breaking the Ice along with the books from her Elite Operatives Series with Xenia AlexiouHERE

From JE Knowles who travelled (double Ls in honor of the Brits!) all the way from London to sign ArushaHERE

From Lisa Girolami who did a reading from her new novel, The Pleasure SetHERE

From WattyHERE and HERE and HERE

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The final night in Provincetown was a bit warmer and dinner with Karin Kallmaker, MJ Lowe and Ruth was a treat. After dinner we went to Suzanne Westenhoefer‘s final Ptown performance.  She was full of energy and hilarious as usual.

Provincetown 2009 Suzanne Westenhoefer

And she looked great!  The last time I saw her was at the Birchmere in Virginia a few years ago on a night that Tipper Gore happened to be there.  Suzanne talked about it in her act and we reminisced for a moment when I saw her after the show. I’m looking forward to seeing her back in the DC area in January.

We spent the next few hours at the Joon Bar upstairs at the Vixen.  Lynn Ames, Lynda Sandoval, Rachel Spangler , Lee Lynch and Elaine Mulligan stopped by.  (I’m probably forgetting someone!) It was great to finally meet them all.  And I was honored to get a picture with Lee Lynch.

Provincetown 2009 Lee Lynch

We saw the film Hannah Free earlier in the day.  It’s a complex look at end of life issues. Sharon Gless stars as a woman in a nursing home who is prevented from visiting her partner who lies in a coma in the same nursing home.  It sounds depressing but there is a lot of humor and it doesn’t take the easy way out by villainizing anyone.  It  began as a stage play and the novelization by the playwright, Claudia Allen, will be released through Bella Books.

The drive off the cape was challenging to say the least with a two hour backup due to construction on the Sagamore Bridge.   Stopping for breakfast in Wellfleet probably didn’t help but at least we were well fed.  And how often to you get to have oysters for breakfast?

Provincetown 2009 Van Rensselaer's Oysters

I’ll post a round up of Provincetown links in the next few days.

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