Better late than never? Or, GCLS Orlando 2010: Pt. 4

Here are the final GCLS photos from the final night of the conference.

On a sad note, me with Pam Butler who died this month. I was very glad to have met her. A lovely woman who I wish I’d known better.

Forgive the redundancy of what follows, which is mostly me standing on the left side of people…

Hugely popular and one of my favorite Canadians, Tracey Richardson.

Yay, Watty!


Madame Kallmaker!

The very sweet Chris Paynter:

The ever adorable Jeanne Magill:


MJ and Watty!

Jeanne, MJ and Miss Georgia Beers:

This is very possibly a picture of me dancing — at the very least I am standing on the dance floor with a drink in my hand.

And perhaps my favorite picture OF ALL TIME:

And to end on a positive note, was anyone fooled like me — that something very, very horrible had happened to the sun?

Okay, that’s not so uplifting, how about something chocolaty.

That’s better. Apocalyptic visions can always be counteracted by our favorite candy-coated chocolate morsel.

10 thoughts on “Better late than never? Or, GCLS Orlando 2010: Pt. 4”

  1. Glad to see these photos! Hope RV2 is going well. I’ve missed your posts… I know it is a juggling game & Rennie comes first!

  2. Thanks, Violet. 🙂 RV2 is coming along, slowly but surely — I AM going to try to be a better blogger but Rennie keeps kicking the laptop out of my hands!

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