A Compendium of Photos I Should Have Posted a LONG Time Ago


I’ve never had a good system for managing my photographs. First it’s the matter of getting them off the camera and putting them somewhere. But since I’ve never had a good system there has always been a little nagging feeling that I’m going to lose track of all of them. So when I recently got a new laptop, I decided I needed to get my pictures organized. I decided to try Picasa since it’s a Google product and it meant one less password I need to remember. I was surprised how easy it was and even more surprised to find that within it are tools for easily sharing photos to my social networks. Here I’ve been a Luddite all along and didn’t know it. Anyway, the point of all of this is that I finally downloaded (uploaded? exported?) all my photos off my camera (1500!!) and can share some that I should shared eons ago.

I did the work on the final draft of Sleepwalk at a friends house. She set me up in style:

I don’t have many good photos from my reading at Busboys & Poets back  in May (since my camera had gone AWOL) but here’s one with Fay Jacobs. We are listening to Lisa Gitlin read from her funny novel I Came Our for This?

And some random pictures that I find kinda cool:

These two guys remind me of a few characters in Scapegoat

The sky looking particularly dramatic as I headed out of DC one night

A tiny snake snug in the bark of a tree in my yard

A remembrance of the moment that I discovered a bottle of my favorite beer in the world priced for 1 dollar. I bought it. :-)

George, one of the cutest dogs ever.

Scapegoat, long hand edits, looking atmospheric.

I like this shot because I think it’s a good representation of the way writers hope they will be visited by some kind of inspiration. A lot of people call it the Muse and though I don’t myself I can see why people do. Mainly because it is something that belies explanation. Sometimes it happens and the words come and sometimes they don’t. But it always feels really good when they do.

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  1. Alexandra says:

    She’s back!! Cannot wait for Scapegoat. Thanks for the sneak peek at your camera roll. very cool images.

  2. Laurie says:

    I’m really looking forward to your release, Amy!

  3. jeanne says:

    Hi Amy, Thanks for the photo glimpses. I really like the last one, very evocative.
    It’s a constant project for me. I transferred all of them to a 32GB flash drive and have only 7GB free, more pictures than I would have dreamed possible.
    Can’t wait to see Rennie again. 😀

  4. ADR says:

    I know! They really add up, don’t they Jeanne. Thanks for stopping by! (Rennie says Hi ;-))

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