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Lynn Kear interviews me

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I was so pleased when my friend, Lynn Kear, ask to interview me for her blog. In addition to writing biographies about old movie stars, Lynn writes a vibrant new crime series called the Kell Digby series. Here’s the description of the first novel, Black Hearted Bitch, which I heartily recommend:

Kell Digby has been killing spouses and business partners for so long she’s become bored. Sent from Chicago to Atlanta for a routine hit, the assignment goes bad when she falls in love. Forced into retirement, she’s content to nurse her wounds until she’s lured back to life with an irresistible scam involving a sister she never knew she had.

Be sure to check out her books.

In the meantime, if you’re curious about what kind of party I would throw and lots of other things… Click here!

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